About Us

Are you through wasting your time with fundraisers that fail?
Good, because so are we!

We are here to help your horse or pony club fund raise using our healthy, all natural and nutritious treats that your horses will love! With 40 flavors to choose from, they’ll satisfy horses of all personalities and provide your organization a memorable and fun fund raising experience. We’ll stand behind you every step (or trot) of the way by wrangling everything you need from advertising materials to social media support. Everything we do benefits a fund raising partner. Delicious Horse Treats is all about spreading happiness!

  • All Natural! Real Farm Grown Fruits, Vegetables, and Herbs!
  • Regular and “Clicker” Sizes!
  • No Dyes! No Fillers! No Preservatives!
  • No Added Sugar! No Artificial Flavoring! No Chemicals!
  • Your horse will smell our treats a furlong away! (almost)
  • We have a number of Grain Fee Treats: Clicker Apple Carrot Sticks, Mango Sticks, Pure Apple Sticks and Raspberry with Linen Fiber